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Jan 2, 2013 11:00pm PST
agreement also keeps tax credits in place for children, college tuition, clean energy and small business. >>> a san francisco-based current tv, the channel launched by former vice president al gore has been sold to al jazeera. they made the announcement today noting that current tv and al jazeera share goals highlighting different points of view. it will allow the network to reach a larger english audience. 60% of the programing will originate in the united states. the rest will be from overseas. but al jazeera as part of the current deal will be based in new york. no word on what will happen to lieutenant governor gavin newsom's talk show which currently airs on current tv. >>> blending tech and fashion. do you believe this? still ahead at 11:00, wearable computers. it seems unlikely, but an kohl be working on it. we'll explain. >>> actually, it is big brother. there is no way around it. it's just what it is. >> a controversial upgrade. the local transit agency that won't just be watching you, but listening to you too. >>> and two northern california teenagers are arrested afte
Dec 31, 2012 11:00pm PST
do is shove. about as much energy as punching a pack of cigarettes out of a machine. can you do it, kelly? >> that's all you can call it-- a sellout. i sold out to the other side. >> in the trade, it's called treason. >> they tortured me. i didn't have guts enough to bite on the cyanide capsule. and i try to live with it. >> yeah, well, most of what i know i learned from you, so i figure i owe you something. >> i'm not in a position to argue that. >> that's right. [foghorn blows] [cards being shuffled, dealt] >> how they knew about it, i'll never know. what they got from me was a little beauty, component for a miniaturized weapons control. i was delivering it to the man in honolulu. the department doesn't believe i gave it up because i cracked. they think i sold out. that's why they handed me the short straw. that's why... they want me dead anonymously 10,000 miles away. so why bother with questions and reasons and soul-searchings when all it needs is a death sentence in code to be executed by an old pal? >> russ? >> yeah? >> so far you haven't saved your life. if you're gonna do i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2